who are we

Aleef store was launched in November 2015, to provide a convenient and easy online shopping service for high-quality and distinct pet products and supplies within a customized and unique online shopping experience fueled by superior and distinguished customer care. From the beginning, we were ready to face the pet sector face to face with a perspective and principle. Different to provide a faster, better, and more friendly personal experience than the traditional way that dominated the pet sector in Saudi Arabia at that time. We are proud of being the first dedicated online store leading this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and being a source of inspiration for competitors after us.


pet challenges

Building an integrated work team of pet breeders with different and distinguished professional skills for this field.
Maintain a primacy and a competitive advantage against emerging competitors.


Our Branches

Aleef Friends is our store on the ground and our tangible pride. Aleef Friends is not similar to any traditional animal stores, but rather a club that brings together breeders and their pets to enable breeders and their friends to form new friendships and social relationships for both parties, enabling them to share their expertise and experiences. This was our ultimate goal when we opened the Friends of a Pet branch and hosted the first open adoption day event for pet adoption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to raise social awareness that you can't buy love, but you can certainly adopt. This was at Elif's heart and that's why we started it all.

Our vision

For a decent life for cats, dogs, birds and all pets.

Our mission
Spreading awareness of the culture of raising and caring for pets by providing integrated products and services that help you provide care and take care of your pet friend with ease and pleasure.