Loyalty Program

Loyalty from us in Aleef to our loyal customers
We designed a loyalty program "Rewards Points" to enable you to collect points when you buy your favorite products or rate them after purchasing them and exchange points to get many products for free

Where do I collect points?

Every product that you buy from Aleef or evaluate on the site, you will get reward points added to your balance on the site, but remember that you have to register your account on Aleef site to collect points and calculate them in your account

How are points calculated?

For every riyal on Aleef website, you will get a point! For every 200 points you collect, you can exchange them for 10 riyals! And not only like that, you can exchange the balance that you collected from your order invoice. All you have to do is evaluate all the products you ordered in your invoice, and you will get an additional 5% cashback for your points balance from the total invoice value

Points Table

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