All the information registered on the "Aleef Store" website we take great care and care and maintain its privacy, and it is used for the purposes of the scope of the store, which is one of the projects of the "Aleef Store" Trading Corporation, registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh with commercial registration No. 1010426627.
1) Confidentiality and privacy of information:

The privacy of “Alef” store users is one of the things that we pay great attention to and consider it one of the basic matters that we are keen on, and we respect and protect the privacy of all “Alef” store users, Therefore, we will not disclose any information to any third party except after obtaining your prior permission.

2) Cookies (Cookies)

When you first visit the “aleef” store, the “aleef” store sends “Cookie” to your computer, a “cookie” which is data that identifies you as a distinct user, for one of the following purposes:

Storage of personal information that you register yourself For you to provide it to you when requested.
To recognize you when you return to the “Aleef” store.
To help the “Aleef” store in identifying and presenting you the content that suits you.

Alef Store will not disclose cookies to any third party unless required by a judicial process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, legal law, or court order.

When you use your browser for the first time, you will find In most cases its setting options accept cookies.

You can change this in your browser and have it reject all cookies or alert you when a cookie is being sent to you.

But be aware that some Parts of “aleef” store services may not function properly if your browser refuses cookies.

3) The type of information collected about you:

We do not Aleef store collects any information about you (such as your name, email address, etc.) except when you yourself and with your knowledge provide us with this information. This information is used to verify our records and provide better services to users of the “Aleef” store. For example, we may use your IP address to show you products destined for your country.

4) Credit Cards Information:

Alef store never keeps any customer credit card information, as it is subject to special encryption to be shared directly with the bank and the payment intermediary through an official permit by the Saudi Monetary Agency Without any ability for the “aleef” store to have absolute access to this information.

Also, links to or out of the “aleef” store to other sites under the supervision of third parties, are not considered endorsed by the “aleef” store. Nor from any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or any third party from its sources or any of its contents.

Alef Store has the right, with all reservations, to correct any error or omission of any part of this agreement.

5) Your consent and changes to the privacy policy:

Your browsing and use of “aleef” store services means that you agree to the collection and use of information about you as mentioned in this policy and in the use agreement.

Aleef store may make changes to the privacy policy or the usage agreement from time to time.

and when we do this we will put those changes on this page or the user agreement page so that you are Always aware of what kind of information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.
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