Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray 125ml

  • Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray 125ml

Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray 125ml

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Helps train your pet indoors. The spray contains a harmless substance that cats and dogs find unpleasant, and your pets are thus discouraged from scratching or chewing anything that is sprayed with Pet Behave. Popular with home-owners for use on household furnishings, woodwork, doors, curtains, baskets, carpets, rugs, slippers, etc. Repeat the spraying every 2 to 3 days, until your pet has learned to leave the desired item alone.


How to Use




  • Always test Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray on a hidden area before applying generally onto fabrics, rugs or polished surfaces.
  • Simply spray the area to be protected from between 6 to 8 inches (15-20cms). Continue to use verbal commands until the bad habit is broken.
  • Application rate: Apply 4 ml of product per square metre. Each pump spray releases 0.2 ml of active. Spray from a distance of 15 - 20 cm the area to be protected. 
  • Spray onto furnishings, woodwork, doors, curtains, pets’ baskets, carpets, rugs, slippers. 
  • Repeat application after 2 - 3 days as necessary until pets have been effectively discouraged from scratching and chewing household items.

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