Zolux RodyLounge "Trio" Cage

  • Zolux RodyLounge "Trio" Cage

Zolux RodyLounge "Trio" Cage

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ممتاز ولكن الأنابيب ضيقة قليلا ولكن القفص جميل جدا و احلى بالحقيقة و الصراحة الحلو فيه انه جديد و يأتي في علبه مفلفه على خلاف المتاجر الأخرى The cage is really cool ! Yet the tubes are a little tight for my hamster , and the cage needed to to be put together . But with that being said it is so much prettier in person! And because it’s clear it gives it such a modern look .my hamster LOVES IT . I also love that it’s brand new and it comes in a box unlike other pet stores where their cages are out in the open worn out and dusty and who Kobe’s if they were used by sick previous hamster or not
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